Our Value

Our People

We value our people and treat them with dignity

* We treat our people with care, concern and respect
* We are committed to the development of our people, and to help them thrive
* We believe in enabling and empowering our people
* We promote work place diversity
* We work hard and play hard together

Our Performance

We have a passion for excellence

* We value flawless execution
* We have no tolerance for mediocrity
* We act with a sense of urgency
* We deliver on time, every time
* We encourage innovative thinking
* We recognise and reward excellence

Our Consumers

Our consumers are our business

* We are passionate about understanding our consumers’ needs
* We produce quality products and build reputable brands that drive consumer preference
* We are responsive to every consumer request and/or complaint
* We invest in the highest quality and safety standards
* We work hard and play hard together

Our World

We continue to reinvest in our society

* We respond to the needs of society whenever we can
* We undertake CSI because it’s the right thing to do
* Our business practices are guided by our desire to sustain our environment

Our Integrity

We act with integrity in everything we do

* What we say on the outside is what is on the inside
* We never compromise the safety of our consumers
* We never do anything that we would be ashamed of if the facts became public
* We communicate with integrity