At Deli Foods we are passionate about our vision to positively impact lives in a meaningful way. We believe we have a responsibility to the wider community in which we operate.

Our main focus groups are children and youth. We have created a lot of awareness in several communities by sponsoring school’s end of session / price giving ceremony and churches.


Our employees are key and special to us; consequently their wellbeing is paramount in the policy thrust of the Company. A medical provision is done to take care of them, their spouse and 4 children. The Factory and the Office environment is structured with key priorities on safety consciousness for all, meeting all Government regulations for a safe work place.


As a responsible organization, we are conscious of the effect of our production activities on our immediate environment and neighborhood. There is an Effluent Treatment Plant that treats all our production waste, before being discharged into the public drains. The power generating sets are mostly run on LPG, which promotes the green revolution of our eco-systems. All these within the acceptable standards of regulatory bodies such as LASEPA, SON etc.